Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Invitation to Investigate

I recently received an invitation to study writing and to develop a teacher research project with the South Mississippi Writing Project that is part of the National Writing Project.  One of the expectations of this fantastic study group was to create a blog that highlights teacher research projects completed in our classrooms.  This summer I had planned to do some independent studying to investigate questions, questioning techniques, and questioning words to improve student achievement.   I wanted to be better equipped to use questions with my students and to share with the colleagues in my collaborative team.  This year I plan to start doing some classroom research that explores this question first:  What happens when questioning becomes part of the writing process for young writers?

Starting the Research

The first few hours of researching this topic lead me to discover that there are many different types of questions, different purposes of questioning, and different ways to use questions in the teaching and learning process.  The troublesome problem I am attempting to solve is to help my first grade students to produce quality writing!